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Ghanshyam Hirani

College positions:
GSB External Officer
Materials Science, Metallurgy
Clare Hall Graduate Student Body Committee
Ghanshyam Hirani is an External Officer of the Graduate Student Body Committee (GSB) 2022/23.

Ghanshyam is a PhD candidate at the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy under the supervision of Professor James Elliott and Talga Technologies Ltd (Industry supervisor). He is a member of the Creative Cambridge Circular Plastics (CirPlas) Centre, which aims to find solutions to the global plastic waste problem. His research looks into the performance enhancement of recycled polypropylene with the addition of 2D nanofillers, such as graphene nanoplatelets, with a particular focus on understanding the micromechanics that govern this performance.

Prior to the PhD, Ghanshyam’s academic path has seen him explore the fields of Chemistry, Biomedicine, Renewable Energy Systems, Electrical Engineering, and Environmental Engineering.

Outside of academia, Ghanshyam actively participates in a wide variety of activities, such as choir, football, rowing, tennis, badminton, athletics, field hockey, and clay pigeon shooting, amongst others, and is always up for a laugh.

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