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Jáfia Naftali Câmara

College positions:
Affiliated Postdoctoral Researcher
Education, Migration and Mobilities
Center for Lebanese Studies, Faculty of Education
Contact details:

Dr Jáfia Naftali Câmara

Dr Jáfia Naftali Câmara is from northern Brazil and is a British Academy Research Fellow at the Centre for Lebanese Studies and the University of Cambridge

She earned an AB from the University of California, Davis and an MA from New York University. Dr Câmara holds a PhD in Education from the University of Bristol with a thesis titled “Refugee Youth and Education: Aspirations and Obstacles in England.” She used antiracist and anti-colonial approaches to investigate how young refugees and their families encountered England’s education system.

Dr Câmara’s primary research interests are education, including education in emergencies, Indigenous, ribeirinhos and quilombolas’ education, educação do campo, educação popular, language education, migration, and mobilities. She is investigating young migrants’ access to education in northern Brazil and Latin America more broadly. Her work explores the intersections of racism(s), class, gender, border regimes, integration discourse and policy, and the coloniality of education at national and global levels. Other areas of interest include critical and anti-colonial perspectives, comparative research, knowledge production, education inequality, and research partnerships.

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