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Young-Hwi Yoon

College positions:
Visiting Fellow
Kyungpook National University
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Professor Young-Hwi Yoon

Young-Hwi Yoon is an Associate Professor and the current Chair of the Department of History at Kyungpook National University in South Korea.

After completing his MA in History at Seoul National University, he received his PhD in History and Comparative American Studies from the University of Warwick. His essay, “The Spread of Antislavery Sentiment through Proslavery Tracts of Evangelicals from the 1730s to 1770s,” which stems from his doctoral thesis, was awarded the Sydney Mead Prize of the American Society of Church History in 2012.

Prior to joining Kyungpook National University, he was a research fellow at the Institute of Historical Research, Seoul National University and a senior research fellow at the Ministry of National Defence, the Korean government, where he conducted research on important topics in the 18th and 19th century British and American Studies, including the transatlantic slave trade, the antislavery movement, impact of evangelicalism on the political changes in Britain, and the formation of moral capital. In 2018, Professor Yoon was awarded the Korean Historical Association’s Best Essay Prize for his essay on the creation of slavery records and collective memories, focusing on John Wesley’s Arminian Magazine.

In his proposed project for the visiting fellowship of Clare Hall, “The Convergence of Crisis and Moral Capital: Evangelical Abolitionism in the Late Eighteenth Century,” Professor Yoon will continue his research on the combination of ‘moral capital’ and a religious sense of crisis in the British antislavery movement.

Select publications

  • History of Western Christianity: Revolution and Christianity (Seoul: Hongsungsa, 2018) [Korean]
  • The Anglo-American Policies of the Suppression of the Atlantic Slave Trade and the Politics of Moral Capital in the Early Nineteenth Century”, The Korean Journal of British Studies, 42, 2019, 117-150. [Korean]
  • The Characteristics of the British and Japanese Oriental Studies Reflected in the History Books in English of the Keijo Imperial University Library, Asia Review, 7(2), 2018, 217-243. [Korean]
  • The Creation of Slavery Records and Collective Memoires of the Antislavery Movement: An Inquiry into John Wesley’s Arminian Magazine, The Korean Historical Review, 232, 2016, 413-443. [Korean]
  • British Foreign Policy on the Suppression of the Atlantic Slave Trade, Focusing on the Establishment of the International Court of Arbitration, 1815-1851, The Western History Review, 128, 2016, 255-291. [Korean]
  • The Rise of the Abolitionism during the Revolutionary Period, 1770-1800, East Asian Journal of British History, 3, 2013, 1-25. [English]
  • The Spread of Antislavery Sentiment through Proslavery Tracts in the Transatlantic Evangelical Community, 1740s-1770s, Church History: Studies in Christianity and Culture, 81(2), 2012, 348-377. [English]

Select Awards

  • Award for Best Essay of the Korean Historical Association (Korea, 2018)
  • Sydney E. Mead Prize of the American Society of Church History (USA, 2012)